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   where our passion is Belgian Malinois!



We are located on our acreage in the Ozarks of Missouri. We began a life of training, love, and companionship with dogs 17  years ago.

All of our dogs are very much a part of our life. They are our companions first, working/performance/show dogs second. We love to take trips with them. From errand-running, playing-at-parks, day-trips-around-the-state, to out-of-state trips our dogs love to go where we go!

We breed for health, temperament, working ability, conformation (structure), and type. Titles in our pedigrees include Schutzhund, French Ring, Mondio ring, KNPV, herding, etc. We believe a balanced dog earns titles at both ends and at minimum expect our dogs to have International Championships with many also shown in the AKC ring, in addition to the titles at the other end of their name in obedience, protection, tracking, herding, etc. Every dog is examined to see where it might contribute to the breed and where it needs compensated for (with the appropriate mating). Some dogs will be bred, some dogs will be neutered and pulled from our program. Every litter is bred to work (police, narcotics, herding, sport, etc), but we occasionally have lower drive, more social, less aggressive dogs that do well as farm dogs, service dogs, and active companions.  

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